140) ZŻB pomiędzy I i WCF

139) Metro Wilanowska - kiedyś stacja w polu - teraz tam jest "city"

138) Ich Troje

137) Twin Towers

136) Forum/Novotel w cieniu PKiN

135) ZŻB jesienna porą

134) Łucka...

133) Jakby kogoś wsparło - to wskazówka gdzie zazna ulgi...

132) Cały Naród budował swoją stolicę... Już mu się nie chce...

131) In the mirrow


16.08.2012, 05:35 ::
kind of looks like a throwing knife but it's notMmmmm hm. I like to cut tighns. yup it's fun and stuff. I shot a coon with the built in slingy thing I think I pissed him off. Mmmmm hm. Don't reckon I'll do that again. Not after that coon tried to make sweet coon love to my poor beagle no sir no more coon slingin' for me. Poor betsy still won't come out of her hut. She just keeps on howlin' with her sad droopy eyes and sits with her bee hind facin' the corner. Mmmm hm It's a sad sight, fer sure. Oh yeah, I almost fergot, nice knife. Just don't shoot nuthin' bigger than a beaver, unless you plan on stunnin' it and then jumping on it to finish it off with the knife. Mmmmm hm